PMW-505: 5-Day Webinar:  Project Management Certification Fast-Track Preparation

PMW-505: 5-Day Webinar: Project Management Certification Fast-Track Preparation

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Webinar:  "PMW-505: Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Fast-Track Preparation


At least a High School Diploma plus 7,500 hours of project management-related experience over the past 5-8 years; OR, at least a Bachelor's degree plus 4,500 hours of project management-related experience over the past 3-8 years.

Webinar Abstract:

Have you worked on projects, either in the private or public sectors, for the past 3+ years and would you like to demonstrate your commitment to this fast-growing profession, improve your level of mastery of project management principles, processes and best practices, and become qualified to manage more challenging projects?

If so,  then this webinar is for you!  Why? Because…

It provides you with an accelerated, yet comprehensive overview of the contents of the 5th Edition of The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) to help you prepare yourself to take the computer-based Certification Exam offered by the Project Management Institute to become a Project Management Professional (PMP®).

Some participants may use this workshop as the beginning of their preparation and may plan to take the examination at some distant point in the future.  Others will use this workshop as a capstone experience at the end of their preparation and take the examination soon after the workshop. This webinar has been designed to work either way.

This webinar has a primary and a secondary goal:  

The primary goal is to prepare participants to successfully complete the examination required for earning the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification.  For those who attend the entire workshop, it meets the requirements for the 35 hours of project management-related education required for registering for the PMP® exam.

The secondary goal is to give participants a rapid, in-depth exposure to the 47 project management processes defined by the PMBOK® Guide.  

Because this webinar is intended to prepare you to successfully take the exam, the flow of the course is directed toward that end.  At the close of every module (except the first two), there will be a quiz that tests your retention of the materials in the module.  On the last day, you will take a 100-question practice exam to test your readiness to take the actual PMP exam and those questions are similar in difficulty to PMP® exam questions.  You are not required to share your results on either the quizzes or the Friday practice exam or achieve a particular score in order to get “credit” for this workshop.  The test and the quizzes are there to help you learn, assess your progress, and focus any remaining study efforts.