APS-102 Exploring the Agile/Scrum Approach

APS-102 Exploring the Agile/Scrum Approach

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Seminar:  "APS-102  Exploring the Agile/Scrum Approach"

Duration: 2 days

Level:  Intermediate 

Prerequisites: APS 100 (Introduction to Lean/Agile Thinking) and APS 101 (Introduction to Agile Practices, Tools and Techniques)

Seminar Abstract
This instructor-led seminar is suitable for participants who already have a grasp of Lean Thinking and the various Practices, Tools and Techniques of an Agile (“adaptive”) Approach, and who want to focus on the “Agile/Scrum Approach”.

It provides you with an opportunity to explore what has been the most popular of the Agile approaches to meeting the peculiar demands of 21st century work: the Scrum approach.  This learning experience provides a deeper dive into the use of Scrum, especially for applications development projects than is presented in APS 101.

Seminar Summary
Students are provided an up-close look at several Scrum practices, tools, and techniques for getting their applications development work done better, faster, and cheaper by working smarter, not just harder. The material covered is compatible with the PMI-ACP® Handbook2 and the content on the PMI Agile Certification Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam for those contemplating pursuit of this highly-regarded designation. It is the prerequisite for APS 103 – “Applying Agile/Scrum to Your Development Projects” Seminar

Intended Audience
This On-Site (private) Seminar is intended for a group of up to twenty (20) participants who are looking to improve their pragmatic awareness by learning about several Scrum practices, tools, and techniques. ($5,495 for up to 20 participants, plus travel, hotel, and meals outside Metro-NYC)

Seminar Activities
During this Seminar, participants will learn about various Scrum practices, tools and techniques via:

  • Listening to modular lectures identifying, illustrating, and describing them;
  • Discussing the Scrum practices, tools, and techniques and the appropriate time and place to apply them; and
  • Learning how to apply those Scrum practices, tools, and techniques.

Seminar Outline

  1. Scrum: A Deeper Dive
  2. Scrum Roles: A Closer Look
  3. Planning a Scrum
  4. The Product Backlog
  5. Personas and Other Stakeholders
  6. User Stories
  7. Estimating the Backlog
  8. Release Planning
  9. The Sprint and the Sprint Backlog
  10. The Daily Scrum
  11. Retrospectives
  12. Tracking & Reporting
  13. Scrum with Distributed Teams
  14. Story Mapping
  15. Knowing When to Use Scrum

1 - The Agile Practice Guide, ©2017, is a publication of the Project Management Institute in collaboration with the Agile Alliance; All rights reserved.  It is available for purchase at www.pmi.org

2 - The PMI-ACP® Handbook is a free PDF file document prepared by the Project Management Institute and is available for download here: https://www.pmi.org/certifications/types/agile-acp/exam-prep