APS-100 Introduction to Lean/Agile Thinking

APS-100 Introduction to Lean/Agile Thinking

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Seminar:  "APS-100  Introduction to Lean/Agile Thinking"

Duration: 1 day

Level:  Beginner 

Prerequisites: None

Seminar Abstract
Most people don’t realize that Agile is a “descendant” of Lean Thinking or, stated another way: Lean Thinking is an “ancestor” or “predecessor” of Agile sharing its “conceptual DNA” with Agile Thinking and Agile Practices.

As such, this initial seminar is suitable for participants who are new to Lean and Agile and who need a high-level overview of what constitutes the Lean/Agile “mindset”.

It provides an introduction to Lean/Agile Thinking that has become increasingly important for those who need to meet the unique demands of 21st century work. 

Seminar Summary
This learning experience includes an overview of the various concepts that are found in Lean Thinking such as: a “focus on customer value”, “respect for people”, “one-piece flow”, “emphasis on pull processes”, “small batch sizes”, “avoidance of waste”, and a commitment to “continuous improvement”. It does so by exposing you to its concepts and principles to help you adjust your “paradigm” to a Lean/Agile one.  It is the prerequisite for APS 101 – “Introduction to Agile Practices”.

Intended Audience
This On-Site (private) Seminar is intended for a group of up to twenty (20) participants who are looking to establish a firm foundation of Lean concepts and principles that can help them get their work done better, faster, and less costly by working smarter, not just harder. ($2,995 for up to 20 participants, plus travel, hotel, and meals outside Metro-NYC)

Seminar Activities
During this Seminar, participants will be exposed to various Lean concepts and principles via:

  • Listening to modular lectures identifying and describing them;
  • Watching short videos describing and illustrating them;
  • Discussing the appropriate time and place to apply them; and
  • Experiencing them via individual and team exercises.

Seminar Outline

  1. What is the “House of Lean” and “Lean Thinking”
  2. Benefits and advantages from adopting Lean and Lean Thinking
  3. Challenges and struggles typically encountered in adopting Lean and Lean Thinking
  4. Lean and Lean Thinking success stories
  1. “Introduction to Lean and Lean Thinking”
  2. “5S Overview”
  3. “The 7 Deadly Wastes Overview”
  4. “Kaizen Overview”
  1. Who should use “Lean and Lean Thinking” in their Agile work environment?
  2. Why should you use “Lean and Lean Thinking” in your Agile work environment?
  3. How should you use “Lean and Lean Thinking” in your Agile work environment?
  1. The 5S+1 Exercise
  2. The 7 Deadly Wastes Exercise
  3. The 5 Why’s Exercise