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Purpose Management and Improvement in Organizations

Who is the bespectacled gentleman in the mural behind me in the photo at the top of this blog? In case you don't recognize him, it's Dr. W. Edwards Deming, one of my professional hero's of the 20th century who advocated on behalf of the importance of quality, continuous improvement, and purpose-driven change in organizations.  Purpose, Deming said, is a top-down concept that includes an organization’s Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Value Proposition which, together, strategically drive and give direction to its performances and the delivery of their outputs which end up in the hands of its customers. Here’s where the concept of effectiveness becomes relevant;  one cannot determine if there has been an effective performance or effective performance improvement in an organization until those outputs are being measured for their alignment or consistency...

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Performance Measurement, Management, and Improvement

We are focused on helping our clients work smarter to achieve measurable results that are better, faster, and/or cheaper today than they were yesterday and that those same results will improve in the future when compared with what they are today (e.g., higher profits, more proceeds, etc.). This focus requires attention to three key techniques:  Performance Measurement, Performance Management, and Performance Improvement. Above this blog, you should see a diagram with a set of concentric circles of various sizes.  These circles represent different components of organizational performance:  Purpose, People,Portfolios, Products, Programs, Projects, Processes, and Preparedness.   I will write a separate blog on each of these eight (8) components in the coming weeks.  However, this week’s blog will focus on the common...

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An Invitation to Our Online Transformation: Round #1

Welcome to the completely transformed release of our company brand — a new logo, a new “DBA name”, and a web site with a completely new and refreshing “look-and-feel” This opening blog entry is our Invitation to see our organization’s own efforts to continuously improve our brand.  In this case, rather than make a small, “incremental” improvement, we decided about 4 months ago to demonstrate the 5th of our 7 Core Values (T.R.U.S.T.E.D.):  Transformation. Our other six Core Values are:  Transparency, Respect, Understanding,Stability, Excellence, and Dedication.  Insert Transformation into the correct sequence and you have an easy-to-remember word that we want you to associate with us as a “strategic partner”:  TRUSTED! This new identity is more like a “metamorphosis” from the one we promoted for the...

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