Patriots Prevail Over Jets - Fan Admits 48-Hour Contract Was a Fantasy

(East Rutherford, NJ - October 15, 2017)  The New England Patriots beat the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands 24-17 this afternoon. 

But they did so without the on-field assistance of long-time, die-hard fan, Bill Ruggles, who allegedly signed a 48-hour contract to play back-up in an effort to shore-up the offensive line which had been having difficulty keeping opponents' defenses off of their quarterback, Tom Brady

Ruggles admitted after the Patriots victory that the Press Release was just a case of "fun fake online news". 

According to the 65-year old Ruggles, "Like most 'fake news' spread via the internet, there were several factors that WERE true. For example, 

  • I DO live in Northern NJ, not far from MetLife Stadium where today's game was played, 
  • I HAVE been a life-long, die-hard fan of the Patriots franchise since its inception in 1960 (as the Boston Patriots) while growing up in Lunenburg, MA,
  • I AM 6'1" tall and weigh 285 pounds, and
  • I DID just finish a series of grueling work-outs at a CrossFit gym that has me in the best shape I've been in since I played at UConn in the early 1970's."

"But, there is NO such thing as a 'Senior Citizen Exemption' in the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NFLPA and there was NO 48-hour contract.  In fact, I think it would be virtually impossible for ANYONE at ANY AGE to play for an NFL team for such a short time without having either been through its Training Camp or been on the Practice Squad" he continued.  "Except, in my dream and in dealing with my frustration at seeing Tom Brady knocked-down, battered, and sacked so many times in the first 5 games of this season.  This 'fun fake online news story' was MY way of dealing with that frustration." he explained.

 Two pieces of good news that came out of today's game: 

  1. Tom Brady set the NFL record for regular-season victories by a quarterback, getting his 187th win today; and 
  2. The Patriots offense not only reduced the number of times Tom Brady got hit by the Jets defense, it completely eliminated his being sacked: NONE!  

So, the very trend Bill fantasized about reversing DID, in fact, begin to take effect!  Could that have been due, in part, to the 'positive vibes' and 'upbeat energy' he sent their way?  It's anyone's guess but he's convinced it WAS!

"Since our management consulting practice has always been focused on helping our clients find and overcome their business performance struggles, what better way could I think of to help the New England Patriots than to imagine myself as part of an actual, on-field, performance improvement team as a direct contributor? To me, you're either part of a solution or part of a problem and this fantasy was my way of becoming part of a team of problem-solvers!" he concluded.

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  • stephen sruk

    Your performance would have made Brady envious!

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