Ruggles Delivers One-Day PM Workshop at KPMG in Montvale, NJ

(Montvale, NJ - March 20, 2017) - Our COO and Managing Partner, Bill Ruggles, was engaged to deliver a 1-day workshop for 38 KPMG employees from several different work groups and project teams at its Learning & Professional Development Center in Montvale, NJ.  

The workshop was entitled "Everyday Project Management" and it covered the fundamental framework, tools, techniques, and templates for managing typical projects as contained in the 5th Edition of the PMBOK Guide.

It was the 3rd of 5 such workshops being offered throughout the East Coast with the other 4 sites being Boston and NYC (January and February) and Washington and Atlanta (April and May).  Feedback collected after the first 3 offerings has been uniformly positive and approximately 80% of the participants have indicated an interest in attending a 5-day Fast-Track PMP Certification Exam Workshop and taking the Exam in the future.

These workshops are being offered under the auspices of the R.G Freeman Group, which is a learning solutions company focused on educating IT, Business and Management professionals through a broad range of knowledge transfer and consulting services:

and Corporate Training Group (CTG), which has been helping businesses increase their productivity since 1991. From advanced technical training to forward-thinking professional development, companies not only view CTG as their partner in productivity, they also look to CTG as consultants—offering invaluable advice and guidance.


For more information about RG Freeman Group, go to: and for CTG Training, go to:

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