Ruggles^2 Successfully Completes 1st Project with Hybrid-Interactive, LLC

Fair Lawn and Lyndhurst, NJ (February 3, 2017) - Ruggles^2 successfully completed its first engagement as part of its strategic partnership with Hybrid-Interactive, LLC, a creative services agency that develops engaging, interactive, and educational programs that build audiences, increase sales profits, reduce employee turnover and increase membership, based in Lyndhurst, NJ.

This initial engagement was focused on our professional project management and psychometric assessment expertise to produce a series of nine (9) self-paced, e-learning modules (out of a total of 13 such modules) focused on Quality and Food Safety for H-I's client -- a North Jersey-based, global candy manufacturer seeking to maintain its "Compliant" status with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

This engagement required our Project Manager/Psychometrician to:

  • Create a Master Timeline and Budget Estimates for converting all 9 e-learning Modules and obtain approval by Hybrid-Interactive Management and the Project Team.
  • Convert Instructor Notes to create Voice-Over Narrator Script and create 9-10 Quiz Questions using one of five acceptable item formats for each Module.
  • Obtain clarification on any V-O pronunciation questions clarified by the End-Client Rep for each Module.
  • Upload the V-O Narrator Script and PPT File for each Module and notify V-O Artist of its availability.
  • Once completed, download, review and perform Quality Assurance on the V-O (MP3) files for each preliminary Module.
  • Upload the QA'd V-O and PPT Files for each preliminary Module and notify the Interactive Developer of their availability.
  • Once completed, download, review and perform Quality Control on each programmed Module and approve it for Beta Testing.
  • Upload the Approved Modules for Beta Testing by Hybrid-Interactive Management and the End-Client.

The nine (9) Modules we successfully produced include the following titles:

  1. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  2. Personal Hygiene, Uniforms & PPE
  3. Foreign Materials Control
  4. Product-Related Incident Mgmt Process
  5. Labeling
  6. Traceability
  7. Basic Sanitation
  8. Product Handling
  9. Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP)

The other four (4) e-learning Modules in the 13-Module Package that had been produced previously were:

  1. Allergens
  2. Food Security & Defense
  3. Basic Microbiology
  4. Quality Management Process (QMP)

Not only did our Project Manager complete our part of the engagement successfully, he produced all nine (9) Approved Modules 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

We look forward to more such successful engagements with Hybrid-Interactive in the future.

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