Ruggles^2 Delivers New 3-Day Workshop at the Internal Revenue Service

(Lanham, MD - March 11, 2017) Our COO and Managing Partner, Bill Ruggles, in collaboration with R.G. Freeman Group and ProTech Training, successfully delivered a 3-day workshop to a group of Information Technology Program Managers and Section Chiefs at the IRS site located in Lanham, MD on March 6th-8th.  

This hands-on workshop focused on the best practices for "Aligning Project Management with Organizational Strategy" and included a copy of the 2016 book he co-authored: Effective Portfolio Management Systems along with a Student Manual and various hand-outs for each participant.

This 3-day, instructor-led workshop emphasized the following topics:

  • An Overview of Work, Management, Governance, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) in Organizations, and the 4-Phase Organizational Portfolio Development Life Cycle,
  • A Public Sector, IT OPM/PPM Sample Case Study, 
  • Perform Phase I: Develop the Organizational Project Management System (OPM),
  • Perform Phase II: Create the OPM System Implementation Plan,
  • Perform Phase III: Implement/Monitor the OPM System,
  • Perform Phase IV: Execute Organizational Change Management, and
  • Closing Thoughts, Workshop Q&A, Next Steps, and Closing Paperwork

As a result of this successful offering, we have already been asked to develop a 2-day workshop focusing on the same subject only reducing the depth of coverage compared with the 3-day version and add an IT OPM/PPM Sample Case Study for the Private/For-Profit Sector.

Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more about this new workshop.

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