Ruggles^2 COO To Interview Harrington at IAOIP's Innova-Con 4.0 Luncheon

(Washington, DC - March 23, 2017) - We're please to announce that Bill Ruggles, COO and Managing Partner of Ruggles^2 LLC, has been asked by the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP) to interview one of the world's leading innovation professionals: Dr. H. James Harrington, as the recipient of its 2017 "Lifetime Achievement Award" at its Luncheon on Thursday, March 30th. He has accepted the invitation and will attend the full slate of presentations that day.

Innova-Con 4.0 is IAOIP's 2.5-day Annual Conference and this year it is being held at the Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center at the corner of 15th and Ideas (15th and I Streets) in Washington DC, just blocks from the White House. The Innovation Center was built to enable great ideas to converge and advance how companies build value. The community includes design thinkers, entrepreneurs, engineers and others, crafting the insights and technology to solve the toughest problems of today and the future.

The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP), led by CEO Dr. Brett Trusko, a non-profit, professional membership organization, is rapidly becoming the world’s only comprehensive, transparent, membership-driven innovation certification body, providing members with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to deliver real change in their industry or field. IAOIP was founded in 2013 and its first certification exam was administered at the February 2015 Innova-Con Conference in NYC.

IAOIP-certified innovation professionals are equipped with the appropriate tools to make a strategic difference by becoming an active participant in innovation teams at all levels of their organization through knowledge exchange, research, conferences, training, and publications.

With individual, corporate, public and non-profit members around the world, IAOIP is the leading international membership-based organization dedicated to the professional development of individuals working in the field of innovation.

Innova-Con meetings are open to anyone who is interested in the advancement of innovation worldwide. While the meeting is used for working groups to meet and continue work on the body of knowledge, there is plenty to do and learn from some of the best minds in innovation worldwide. The cost of the meeting is subsidized by its corporate sponsors to make it affordable for anyone to attend and to contribute.

To inquire about or to register for Innova-Con 4.0, go to:

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