Ruggles^2 COO Interviewed for "Getting Unstuck" Podcast

(Fair Lawn, NJ - September 10, 2019) Ruggles^2 (pronouced "Ruggles Squared") Chief Operating Officer, Bill Ruggles, was interviewed recently by Kirsten Richert and Jeff Ikler for their regular weekly podcast entitled "Getting Unstuck - Shift for Impact".

The theme for his interview was "Managing Projects Effectively for Change Success" with much of the conversation focused on excerpts from his 2018 book: Project Management for Performance Improvement Teams.

According to the Interviewers' web site: "In this episode, we are fortunate to be joined by Bill Ruggles, a true Zen-master of project management. Bill will help us demystify the role of Project Manager as it pertains to complex change initiatives. He’ll talk extensively about three factors that organizations must consider when planning a major shift. Along the way we’ll learn how Project Management can help organizations avoid having their change initiatives become part of the 70% that typically fail."

To listen to the entire podcast, go here:

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