Preparedness Management and Improvement in Organizations

In this blog, I’m addressing the subject of Preparedness Management and Improvement.  This coverage can include Business Continuity Planning, Succession Planning, Data Protection and Destruction Planning, and/or Cyber-Security Planning.

Preparedness is another “timely topic” for me as I write this blog in early December, 2015 since I delivered a no-cost “Business Risk & Continuity Planning” workshop covering most of the above-specified Preparedness subjects the first week of November in Fair Lawn (West Central Part of Bergen County in Northern NJ).

Now, I’ll be delivering 3 more of these no-cost workshops in other parts of Bergen County:  Westwood (Upper Part), Hackensack (East Central Part), and Lyndhurst (Lower Part).  As of 12/2/15, we have confirmed that this “Business Risk & Continuity Planning” workshop will be held in Hackensack (Bergen County Administration Bldg) on Tuesday the 15th and in Lyndhurst (Public Library) on Thursday the 17th.  Both will start at @ 5:00 pm. I will post the date and venue of the Westwood workshop offering just as soon as it has been solidified.

Preparedness is another one of the 8 Ps of Organizational Performance Measurement, Management, and Improvement we support. We’ve already covered Purpose, People, andPortfolios; we’ll cover Processes, Projects, Programs and Products in the future.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks…

Preparedness is “the organizational state of being ready or prepared for any business risk – usually unfavorable ones called threats – with a proactive mitigation strategy or contingency plan in order to ensure that the organization can maintain a stable state of continuity or resilience with its operations, in spite of the occurrence of one or more of those risks. ”

Preparedness Management is the organizational function that involves all of the preparation and planning activities that combine to help an organization increase its level of readiness for an unpredictable crisis or disaster of a man-made, natural or technical origin.  The ultimate goal here is NOT to eliminate crises or disasters (which would be unrealistic) but to minimize or mitigate any deleterious impacts of a disaster for the organization that undertakes the preparedness.

Preparedness Improvement is the process of achieving measurable results in increasing the collective level of organizational awareness, readiness, and competency in the ability to respond to any crisis or disaster through training, simulations or other preparedness interventions.

There is a nice, short online article on this topic you can access at

Please let us know if you need help in increasing your organization’s level of awareness, readiness, and competency in the ability to respond to any crisis or disaster that might occur in order to ensure a high level of continuity of your operations.  In fact, you can take advantage of our 1-hour, no-cost assessment of your organization’s level of Preparedness.

In my next blog, I’ll address Process Management and Improvement which will include creating “PISORO Charts” (commonly referred to as a “SIPOC”) and Process Flow Charts.

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