Ruggles^2 COO Presents Workshop on "Effective Business Processes"

Bill Ruggles delivered a 75-minute "free-sample" workshop on "Effective Business Processes" at the Monthly Meeting of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber's Small Business Council  on November 11th in Rutherford, NJ.
The focus of this condensed Workshop was on: 
  • What are “effective business processes”?
  • What is Lean? 
  • How is Lean beneficial to organizations?
  • Who Invented Lean and what is a Lean Enterprise?
  • What is Lean Thinking and a Lean Culture?
  • What are the Lean Tools?
  • What are the Lean Philosophies?

This FREE workshop opened with a brief introduction, followed by a short video, two small-team exercises, and three de-briefings, and concluded with Questions-and-Answers from the participants.

If you'd like to learn more about this workshop for yourself or your organization, please click here to contact us via e-mail. 

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