Disruptive Technology: When Do You Typically Adopt It for Your Business?

This month (Janaury, 2016) an article for which our COO/Managing Partner, Bill Ruggles, is the co-author appears in MeadowlandsUSA magazine, the hard-copy publication of the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce in Northern New Jersey.

The article defines “disruptive technology” and identifies five (5) “personas” when it comes to the adoption (purchase) of any innovation that could disrupt their routine or, in fact, the “status quo”.  Which persona are you:

  • Innovator?
  • Early Adopter?
  • Early Majority?
  • Late Majority?
  • Laggard?

Here is the online version for your reading pleasure:  http://meadowlandsusa.com/2016/01/04/disruptive-technology-cycle-of-adopting-new-technology/

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