An Invitation to Our Online Transformation: Round #2

Welcome to the completely transformed release of our web site with a completely new and refreshing “look-and-feel” which will allow us to perform "e-commerce" for the first time.

This latest blog entry is our Invitation to see our organization’s own efforts to continuously improve our brand and our customer-focused firm.  As was the case last year about the same time, rather than make a small, “incremental” improvement, we decided to demonstrate the 5th of our 7 Core Values (T.R.U.S.T.E.D.):  Transformation.  

Our other six Core Values are:  Transparency, Reliability, Understanding, Stability, Excellence, and Dedication.  Insert Transformation in the correct sequence and you have an easy-to-remember word that we want you to associate with us as your “strategic partner”:  TRUSTED!

We have already rolled out a series of Webinars -- both 1-hour "free-samples" as well as more detailed 3-hour and 6-hour versions -- covering such topics as "Lean Enterprise" and "Project Management" at very low prices and the response has been very positive.  

The next round of free-sample Webinars (1-hour each) are scheduled to begin the last week of November on Monday (28th), Wednesday (30th), and Friday (Dec 2nd): "Project Management from 30,000 Feet" (12:00 noon) and "Foundations of Lean" (9:00 am) each day!  

Contact us at or (201)794-6064 to register or to request more information about them! 

As you look at the rest of our new web site, we hope you’ll find the following information:

  • Who we are
  • Who our past, present, and future clients are
  • What we do and…
    • How we do it
    • Where we do it
  • Why we do it
  • How you can contact us
  • How you can request a proposal from us, if you, too, are interested in improving or transforming your organization

We’re hoping to leave you with two key thoughts about us in this initial blog:

  1. You can engage us to help you overcome your business struggles so that you can improve your performances!™
  2. We can show you how to produce better, faster, and less costly results by helping you learn how to work smarter, not just harder!™

Finally, please feel free to go to our Ruggles & Ruggles LLC Facebook page and “Like” and “Connect” with us and to our LinkedIn page and “Connect” with us!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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