America's SBDC-New Jersey Praises Ruggles^2 COO

The  America's Small Business Development Center for New Jersey included a full-page article in the Fall/Winter-2016 Issue of its Small Business Voice magazine about our COO and Managing Partner, Bill Ruggles.

Bill has been providing the NJSBDC HQ with support concerning strategic planning and additional consulting assistance in business continuity, resilience, continuous improvement, etc.

The article, entitled "SBDC Senior Consultant Named As Examiner for 2016 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award" included high-praise for Bill for having been named to the Baldrige National Board of Examiners by NJSBDC's two highest officials:

  • CEO and State Director Brenda Hopper was quoted as saying: "Bill Ruggles has assisted our organization with assessments and enhancements (and) his guidance has been very helpful to our 12-center, non-profit organization."
  • COO and State Associate Director Debra Smarth added that "We are glad to see Bill become the 9th National Examiner in the State of New Jersey (and that) his knowledge and expertise is respected and utilized."
Bill returned the compliments by pointing out that his completion of the (Baldrige) National Board of Examiners Training last May would not have been possible without the leadership development sponsorship he received from America's SBDC-New Jersey led by Brenda Hopper and Deb Smarth.

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