Agile Training Series Announced

(Fair Lawn, NJ - July 1, 2019)Ruggles^2 (pronounced "Ruggles Squared") is pleased to announce that we are releasing our first set of three (3) Agile Seminars this week:

  1. APS 100 - Intro to Lean/Agile Thinking (1 day)
  2. APS 101 - Intro to Agile Practices, Tools and Techniques (2 days)
  3. APS 102 - Exploring the Agile/Scrum Approach (2 days)

APS 100 ("Introduction to Lean/Agile Thinking" - 1 day) was designed for a "Beginner" level audience who needs to develop the proper "world-view" for adopting a more adaptive approach to getting your projects done  better, faster, and cheaper by working smarter.  Since most people don't realize that Agile is a “descendant” of Lean Thinking or, stated another way that Lean Thinking is an “ancestor” or “superset” of Agile sharing its “conceptual DNA” with Agile Thinking and Agile Practices, this initial seminar is suitable for participants who are new to Lean and Agile and who need a high-level overview of what constitutes the Lean/Agile “mindset”. 

APS 101 ("Introduction to Agile Practices, Tools, and Techniques" - 2 days) was designed for an "Advanced Beginner" level audience who has a firm grasp of Lean Thinking but who are new to the Agile (“adaptive”) Approach with its unique practices, tools, and techniques  It provides you with an introduction to the Agile Practices, Tools, and Techniques needed to work in an Agile Enterprise and to meet the peculiar demands of 21st century work.  This learning experience includes an overview of the various options that are found in the Agile Practice Guide including Scrum, Kanban, ScrumBan, XP, Crystal, AUP, FDD, TDD, and DSDM and how they differ from the Conventional (“predictive”) Approach

APS 102 ("Exploring the Agile/Scrum Approach" - 2 days) was designed for an "Intermediate" level audience who already has a firm grasp of of Lean Thinking and the various Practices, Tools and Techniques of an Agile (“adaptive”) Approach, and who wants to focus exclusively on the “Agile/Scrum Approach.  This learning experience provides you with an opportunity to explore what has become the most popular of the Agile approaches to meeting the unique  demands of 21st century work: the Scrum approach.  This learning experience provides a deeper dive into the use of Scrum and explores its practices, tools and techniques, especially for completing applications development projects

Two more Agile Seminars for a more Advanced audience are expected to be released in two weeks.  These will be:

  • APS 103 - Applying Agile/Scrum to Your Development Projects (2 days)
  • APS 104 - Agile Project Management Systems for Innovation (2 days)

    For more information please contact us at (201)956-7905 or (201)315-9737 (text or vox) or (e-mail).


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